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About KliniPharm

About KliniPharm

Since KliniPharm was founded in 1993 as a small start-up with close ties to Germany and Greece, it has grown to become a world leader in marine research and expert in bioactive properties of marine sponges. We are a privately held company based in Frankfurt, Germany, and have strong alliances with academic institutes and corporate partnerships throughout the European Union. Supported by grants from the European Commission and driven by our commitment to patients, we are dedicated to harnessing naturally occurring bioactive compounds, with a particular focus on marine flora, to develop new medicines. Our R&D team applies their expertise in the most advanced technologies in marine biotechnology, pharmacology, and biopharmaceutics to create innovative, yet natural products, and significantly improve upon existing treatments.

KliniPharm focuses on aesthetic and anti-aging dermatology, wound healing, and inflammatory diseases of epithelial tissues, including psoriasis, neurodermatitis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease. We work with specialists in drug delivery to support our internal research efforts and enhance the bioavailability and efficacy of our patented marine compounds. eleana™, KliniPharm's novel skin care and wellness line, is the first commercialized application of our marine research and development endeavors. We have continued to advance marine sponge-based product prototypes to the clinic for skin care, therapeutic, and nutriceutic applications. We stand proudly by our products and ensure the strictest quality standards, safe and superior efficacy.

Environmental responsibility is a priority of KliniPharm, and we have extended major efforts to establish sustainable aquacultures of marine sponges with high metabolite content, enabling scalable harvesting of bioactive compounds, while at the same time protecting biodiversity and the marine ecosystem.

We continue to be inspired by the needs of our patients and our ideals of sustainable and scientifically innovative natural medicine. Our vision is to further our scientific research to promote health and quality of life.

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