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eleana skin care
Feel the freshness of the sea! Precious natural collagen and appealing extracts from marine sponges invigorate your skin – a unique anti-aging regimen from KliniPharm.
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Summer, Mediterranean climate – a vacation for your skin! Feel the calming, relaxing effects of precious herbal oils. Natural aromas revitalize and pamper your body and soul. > more
The sun's gentle warmth
and energy
are combined
in this daily moisturizing skin care. Composed of exquisite olive-based ingredients – great for dry skin.
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Beaming sunshine, deep blue waters and the unique aromas of the Aegean Sea – harmoniously unified in eleana™. Based on the most recent scientific research, these natural elements have been integrated into the eleana™ skin care system to relax and freshen your skin, and give it a healthy shine. Consisting of
novel cosmetic substances extracted from marine sponges, precious natural aromas, as well as exquisite herbal oils, eleana™ lifts and revives your skin, and shields it from the stresses of our environment.

eleana™ products are developed by KliniPharm, experts in marine-based
cosmetics research. All our preparations are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and of highest quality, containing no artificial colors or preservatives. Our
patented vesigel® technology permits minimal processing of our products, allowing us to use only a handful of premium, all-natural ingredients that retain superior biological activity and efficacy.

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