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What is SpongiCol?

 SpongiCol® is a novel nutraceutical that was developed by the scientists of KliniPharm to help those suffering from ulcerative colitis (UC) or other inflammatory bowel disorders. SpongiCol is a gastro-resistant supplement that delivers marine sponge collagen and phospholipid chains of lecithin straight to the inflamed sores lining the colon during UC flares. When using SpongiCol in tandem with pharmaceutical treatment, many patients have achieved amazing results - including faster flare reduction and longer remission periods.

The product name is derived from its distinguishing component, marine sponge collagen. Harvested in the pristine waters of the Aegean sea, marine sponges provide a pure and highly effective form of collagen, an essential ingredient of SpongiCol. Collagens are important extracellular matrix molecules that ensure the stable positioning of cells within tissues, including the colon, to provide organized structure, mechanical strength, and a physical barrier preventing tissue contamination with hazardous agents. Marine sponges further contain potent antioxidants and other phytonutrients that nourish and strengthen inflamed tissues. SpongiCol also contains lecithin (otherwise known as phosphatidylcholine), a macromolecule and key phospholipid that makes up cellular membranes. Both collagen and lecithin are critical for maintaining tissue function and survival, membrane fluidity, and the health of every cell in the body.

In UC, the cells of the membrane lining of the colon die and slough off, leaving behind open, painful sores. During this process, collagen and lecithin are depleted from tissue and cellular membrane barriers, preventing the colon from healing naturally. SpongiCol combines the unique properties of marine sponge collagen and phospholipid chains of lecithin to help contribute to the healing process of the sores that line the colon during UC flares. Depending on the preference of each individual, SpongiCol can be taken orally in either capsule or granulate form.

How SpongiCol works

SpongiCol is an innovative oral supplement containing a unique formula of marine sponge collagen and phospholipid chains of lecithin that helps promote the healing process in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). During UC flares, colon cells suffer severe damage to both their extracellular collagen matrix and phospholipid membrane barrier, leading to painful inflammation and ulcerated sores. Supplementation with collagen and lecithin is thus believed to repair an ulcerated colon by replenishing depleted collagen reservoirs and phospholipid membranes, thereby enhancing cell and tissue integrity and thus the overall health of the colon.

Many supplements include lecithin, however, its phospholipid chains are irreparably destroyed upon entering the acidic environment of the stomach, as shown below. As a result, these supplements are ineffective, because their disintegrated phospholipid chains are incapable of replenishing the depleted membrane structures of the ulcerated colon.

SpongiCol, on the other hand, is scientifically engineered to survive the gastric acids that normally break down lecithin before it enters the colon. SpongiCol’s patented ingredient, marine sponge collagen, not only supplies the disrupted colon wall with collagen fibrils but additionally functions as an acid-resistant coating that effectively protects the lecithin from premature breakdown in the stomach. Marine sponge collagen thus also enables the safe delivery of lecithin to the ulcerated colon, as illustrated above.

 As SpongiCol travels from the acidic stomach milieu into the basic pH environment of the ulcerated colon, the collagen coating forms an aqueous gel containing collagen fibrils and concurrently releases intact lecithin. Subsequently, marine sponge collagen and lecithin phospholipid chains form a composite film that mechanically covers ulcerated areas. This process forms a protective shield that prevents active ulcers from coming into contact with bacteria and other inflammatory mediators that can aggravate the sores. Additionally, both marine sponge collagen and lecithin provide extracellular matrix and membrane components that help rebuild the cellular barrier lining of the colon wall, which is disrupted during UC flares, thus further contributing to the healing process.

Unlike standard preparations, SpongiCol is designed to effectively help alleviate both the mechanical disruption of the colon wall and painful inflammatory processes that severely impact the quality of life of patients affected with UC. Its unique formula of marine sponge collagen and phosphatidylcholine makes SpongiCol arguably the most innovative nutraceutical supplement for those suffering from UC.

The production of SpongiCol

KliniPharm strives to provide innovative, natural products based upon years of cutting-edge research, using the most advanced scientific techniques and manufacturing technologies. SpongiCol is comprised of supreme quality, all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be of the purest form and bioactivity. SpongiCol’s distinguishing ingredient, biocompatible marine sponge collagen, was first purified on a large scale, thoroughly characterized, and patented by the scholars and scientists of KliniPharm. Marine sponge collagen’s unique film-forming properties paired with its remarkable resistance to acidic breakdown distinguish it from alternative collagen forms and ensure its intact delivery to the area where it is most needed in ulcerative colitis (UC): the inflamed colon.

KliniPharm sets unparalleled standards in research and manufacturing that distinguish SpongiCol in a league of its own in nutraceuticals. SpongiCol’s unique formula of marine sponge collagen and phosphatidylcholine, was developed specifically to fulfill the needs of UC patients. Culminating from years of scientific study and innovation, the drug delivery experts of KliniPharm discovered a method that utilizes marine sponge collagen to coat lecithin or other compound molecules, thereby maintaining bioactivity throughout the gastro-enteric passage.

 The production of SpongiCol begins in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, where KliniPharm’s divers collect the marine sponge specimens that produce the natural collagen. Once collected, a patented manufacturing process enables the isolation, purification, and preparation of marine sponge collagen. In state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, the processed collagen is finally used to coat all-natural, encapsulated or granulate phosphatidylcholine, tested for its pharmaceutical-grade purity and bioactivity. In collaboration with our university partners, SpongiCol samples are routinely tested for their resistance to acidic breakdown. KliniPharm has proudly partnered with some of the finest academic institutions from around the world that have been involved with various stages of research and development, or quality control of SpongiCol. A selection or our main academic collaborators can be found here.

With a conscious effort to protect the natural environment, KliniPharm was able to initiate sustainable, large-scale production methods for harvesting marine sponges. These efforts are now lead by our corporate arm SpongiPharm of Greece, a critical component to SpongiCol’s production. In this way, the natural laboratory that is the Mediterranean Sea can continue to thrive and provide. Our research has added to the body of scientific literature on sustainable marine sponge harvesting and the development of enteric coating. Click here to view some of our more recent publications in this regard.

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