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Corporate Partners

KliniPharm partners with biotech and pharma companies, which allows us to expand our R&D infrastructure and capacity, with the ultimate goal of enhancing our research and product offerings. Please find a selection of our corporate partners below.

alvatis  Alvatis GmbH
Experts in skin care and wound healing
Aldenhoven, Germany

biotec-marin  BIOTECmarin GmbH
German Ministry of Education and Research Center of Excellence
Mainz, Germany

pharmamar  PharmaMar
World leader biopharmaceutical company from the Zeltia Group
Colmenar Viejo, Spain

porifarma  Porifarma
The marine biotech company
Ede, The Netherlands

s-can  s::can Messtechnik GmbH
Liquid monitoring networks
Vienna, Austria

Ticeba  Ticeba GmbH
Leaders in stem cell banking and regenerative medicine
Heidelberg, Germany

To view a full listing of our academic partners, please visit our research section.

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