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Research Areas

KliniPharm is dedicated to innovative research with a focus on natural compounds, particularly novel substances derived from marine flora. KliniPharm’s scientists have years of experience in marine biotechnology, biopharmaceutics, and pharmacology. Partnering with international academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, and incorporating broad knowledge of natural medicine, KliniPharm scientists have united nature and science to promote health and well-being.

Marine Research
Dermatological and Drug Delivery Research
Pharmaceutical Research

Research Areas

Marine Research

In 1996 under sponsorship of the European Community, KliniPharm scientists began screening hundreds of marine sponges from the deep waters of the Aegean Sea to identify marine sponge species with previously unknown bioactive compounds. As a result of these endeavors, KliniPharm patented substances with unique bioactive profiles, possessing cytoprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties, among others. After years of research and development, many of these compounds have found their way into our products, including the eleana™ skin care and wellness line. We are continuously developing product prototypes for skincare, pharmaceutical, and nutriceutical applications. One of the major priorities of KliniPharm has been to develop sustainable methods of harvesting marine biomass without harming the Mediterranean ecosystem. As part of our undertaking, we cultivate sponges in underwater farms to generate sufficient raw material for our products without disturbing the marine environment.

Dermatological and Drug Delivery Research

eleana™, KliniPharm’s novel skin care and wellness line, represents the union of cutting edge German technology and ancient Greek knowledge of plants and marine organisms. A major focus for KliniPharm has been developing marine collagen for dermatalogical applications and drug delivery technologies.

KliniPharm scientists have engineered a complex precipitation process to create pharmaceutical quality collagen nanoparticles from organic marine collagen, capable of penetrating skin’s deeper tissues for potent anti-aging effects.

Electron microscopy image of marine sponge collagen fiber matrix. Collagen fiber’s building blocks restore dermal elasticity and tissue strength by replenishing depleted collagen wells for potent anti-aging effects.

We are continually improving our patented transdermal technologies in collaboration with dermatologists and drug delivery experts. Applying these advances, we have also developed other novel marine substances possessing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, for use in the eleana™ skin care and wellness line.

KliniPharm also extended research efforts on the utilization of known natural remedies, rich in bioactive compounds, including essential oils, with established applications in treating common ailments. We have developed transdermal delivery processes using engineered liposomes, which can be loaded with up to 10x the standard amount currently contained in liposomal delivery technologies. Our patented vesigel® technology optimizes absorbtion of select compounds for enhanced biological efficacy.

electron skin penetrance

Electron microscopy image of KliniPharm’s patented marine sponge collagen nanoparticles. KliniPharm’s collagen nanoparticles can be loaded with bioactive compounds and incorporated into creams. Our patented nanoparticles markedly enhance the penetration of active substances into the skin’s deepest layers compared to standard creams. The figure above demonstrates the increased absorption with all-trans retinol delivered via nanoparticles versus standard all-trans retinol cream. (adapted from Swatschek et al. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2002; 54(2):125-33).

Pharmaceutical Research

KliniPharm has collaborated with research institutes and industrial companies to advance pharmaceutical applications of our patented marine substances. We have developed product prototypes for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin and gastrointestinal tract, including psoriasis, neurodermatitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, as well as products to promote wound healing. KliniPharm has also established pharmaceutical applications for its patented vesigel® technology for effective transdermal delivery of active substances.

KliniPharm’s product prototype for the treatment of psoriasis has demonstrated pre-clinical efficacy and is now moving into human studies. For inflammatory diseases of the intestinal tract, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, KliniPharm has developed enteric-coated lecithin combined with our patented sponge collagen for a novel nutriceutic treatment that calms irritation in intestines by adhering to inflamed areas and promoting the healing process.

KliniPharm currently has two lead products, developed in collaboration with corporate partners, which have demonstrated efficacy in wound healing in preclinical studies and in small patient samples with deep wounds or bed sores. Unlike animal collagen, marine collagen allows tissue to heal from the center of the wound, reducing the risk of infection. KliniPharm’s wound honey product locks in collagen nanospheres in a dense honey matrix to prevent infection and facilitate the regenerative process. KliniPharm’s collagen fleece product prototype is a proprietary sponge bandage that is pressed into the wound, absorbing toxins and excess fluid while keeping tissue moist.

KliniPharm has established proof-of-concept for using the patented vesigel® technology to deliver higher yields of pharmaceutic compounds, including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, transdermally, for effective therapy. Compounds can be retained in the liposomes in greater concentrations within creams, and the patented transdermal delivery process yields markedly elevated levels of active metabolites in the blood. KliniPharm is also working with drug delivery experts and exploring secondary applications of sponge collagen nanoparticles as topical drug delivery vehicles.

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